eSports @ IMMAA

At the IMMAA (International Media Management Academic Association) conference 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany Florian Neus, Fred Nimmermann, and Tobias Scholz presented their eSports research as well as participated in a panel discussion about the eSports phenomenon.

First, we were part of a panel discussion about eSports as a new media phenomenon. The participants were:

  • Simon Koschel, Head of Partnerships, DACH Twitch.TV,
  • David Hiltscher, Vice President Shop, Merchandise, Licensing at ESL – Turtle Entertainment,
  • Frederic Nimmermann, Researcher Universität Siegen, and
  • Tobias Scholz, Editor/Publisher of the eSports Yearbook and Researcher from the Universität Siegen.
Panel discussion and parts of the academic session

Later on a more academic session, organised by Tobias Scholz had the following topics:

  • Julia Hiltscher, Universität Bonn and also Editor of the eSports Yearbook (“Streaming in Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground: An eSports media phenomenon),
  • Frederic Nimmermann and Florian Neus, Universität Siegen (“Does the setting matter? Differences and similarities in motivation for offline and online eSports event consumption”),
  • Mark R. Johnson University of Alberta and Jamie Woodcock, University of Oxford (“eSports Commentators: Media roles, career labor, and game management”),
  • Min Xiao, University of Florida (“Camaraderie in the virtual battle arena: How violence shapes a sense of camaraderie among games”) and
  • Tobias Scholz Universität Siegen (“The transformation of the eSports landscape – The clash of traditional and disruptive businesses”).