About the eSports Research Lab

The eSports Research Lab at the University of Siegen is focusing on the in-depth research of the eSports phenomenon. The world of eSports or competitive gaming has grown exponentially in recent years. Although research is still scarce, there is more and more research available (see esportsresearch.net).

However, there is still a lack of in-depth and fundamental research necessary. What does eSports actually mean and how is it connected with existing theories. How does the eSports ecosystem work and what are the similarities as well as the differences to other fields.

At the moment, we focus on the social as well as the business dimension and try to get a deeper understanding of the phenomenon to position eSports in the current research streams and research fields. Furthermore, we are also focusing on the actual utilization of eSports by researching the university team Siegen Bisons. Finally, we are also looking for the utilization of eSports as a modern case in the teaching environment and, by that, engaging with the students on a different level.